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Coaching, training and motivational speaking

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Better self-awareness and greater energy to realise your aspirations, dreams and goals

We already own wells of strengths, virtues and experience to turn the flow of our life rivers to the aspired routes. However, for some reasons we permit our inner locks to obscure the stream. Guided discovery with the a coach helps a person or a group to find or rediscover the purpose, aim for higher hills, wider paths and harder challenges.




Working with changes and transitions, self-esteem, career and aspirations, emotional intelligence and stress management, creativity, teamwork.

The approach is based on Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, solution-focused approach, positive psychology and more.


Interactive and experiental workshops to promote emotional wellbeing and resilience, improve self-esteem, manage stress, stimulate team work, use creativity in work with a wide range of people

Motivational speaking

Inspirational workshops based on lived-experience from round-the-world hitch-hiking journey: how to grow resilience, build relationships in difficult circumstances, explore intercultural communication.

About me

Having studied psychology, art psychotherapy and coaching I hold a lot of enthusiasm about people’s enhanced lives. After the round-the-globe journey and 18 months of hardships and blessings on the road, I took on a new challenge to empower people, teams and organisations to aspire for more, to design their dreams and realise them to the fullest.


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